dee jacobee & friends

deejacobee & friends

dee jacobee & friends: Extraordinary charming and breathtaking dynamic.

There is a certain unforgettable atmosphere and charm that is always present in the Dee Jacobee Show. Born in England, the half Jamaican is blessed with a spirit that projects a love for music and entertainment that is immediately evident and with a voice and stage presence that is totally captivating.

She has a wide ranging repertoire consisting of a latin block, soul and dance music and classic pop tunes, adaptable for any occation. Acompanying Dee are three professionel background singers / dancers, who have been carefully chosen and share the same zest, energy, enlightenment and love for life.

Together they provide a stunning, artistical, entertaining, dynamic show, wich moves audiences like never before.

Most of the world´s great female artists have two things in common: A exceptional voice and a unique persona. Dee has an abundance of both. Her commitment to giving her very best performance for each show is a personal quest for Dee.

Diversified and modern

Dee Jacobee –
If I ain't got you COVER
Dee Jacobee –
It was me COVER
Dee Jacobee –
My all COVER
Dee Jacobee –
Will I ever see COVER
Dee Jacobee –
Nobody cares (Glass Mix) COVER
Dee Jacobee –
I'm coming home (Original) COVER
Dee Jacobee –
I'm alive
Dee Jacobee –
Dee Jacobee –
I'm coming home (Deephouse Mix) COVER
Like her audiences her clothes seem to blend with her whatever the style, and with no specific dance training, her unique dance moves seem to run through her blood, charged with the unmistakable Dee Jacobee energy fields, a sight to remember.

A professionalism that is rarely experienced. Let the Dee Jacobee Show take you to a place where memories are created. From the depths of broadway to the breadths of the Presse Ball and beyond into the streets of hip hop and pure trend, Dee Jacobee's versatility is clearly evident.

As each song is expressed with overwelming passion, she comes alive and brings you right along with her. All your senses are raised to a fine point and in one magical moment after another she will brush the hairs on the back of your neck and leave you hanging for more.

A gift reserved only for a chosen few.

An excellent voice and impressive stage presence!
deejacobee & friends are refreshingly versatile und carry the audience from the first second.
Bee Jacobee
Dee Jacobee
Gee Jacobee

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T +49 06203 92 24 24

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